Teaching Political Science

PD Dr. habil. Christian Tuschhoff

  • Experience as academic teacher in Germany and abroad
  • All programs and levels (BA, MA,  graduate studies) innovative E-Learning
  • E-tests
  • Theory-practice seminars including model European Union

  • Online Blog on recommendations how to graduate (German only)
  • Educating the public

Contemporary Suggested Readings

  1. Dreher, Axel/ Fuchs, Andreas/ Langlotz, Sarah (2018), The Effects of Foreign Aid on Refugee Flows: Global Labor Organization, GLO Discussion Paper 195 Maastricht: Global Labor Organization. (online: https://www.econstor.eu/bitstream/10419/176803/1/GLO-DP-0195.pdf, abgerufen: September 10, 2018.)
  2. Funke, Manuel/ Schularick, Moritz/ Trebesch, Christoph (2015), Goeing to the Extremes: Politics after Financial Crisis, 1870-2014: Center for Economic Studies & Ifo Institute, CESIfo Working Papers 5553 München: Center for Economic Studies & Ifo Institute. Shows how financial crisis generate political polarization and a drift of voters to far right parties. Moreover, polarization and fragmentation of politics decreases the much needed ability to govern after financial crisis hit.
  3. Xian, Lanxiin (2018), ‘China and the Vatican’, Survival, 60 (3): 87-94. (Describes important conditions and obstacles towards a successful transnational reconciliation)
  4. Ikenberry, G. John (2018), ‘The End of Liberal International Order?’, in: International Affairs, 94 (1): 7-23.
  5. Stewart, Matthew (2018), ‘The 9,9 Percent is the New American Aristocracy’, (online: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/06/the-birth-of-a-new-american-aristocracy/559130/, abgerufen: May 24, 2018 2018).