I particularly care about the privacy of your data. This means that I exclusively process them according to the existing legal rules (DSGVO, TMG). Here, I wish to inform you about the most important aspects of processing private information related to this Website.

Contacting me

When you contact me using the form on this website I store your data for six months in order to respond to your original request and potential subsequent communications.

Deleting and Saving Private Information

Your private information will be deleted or blocked when the purpose of storing it expires. Should legal rules such as the Abgabenordnung or the Handelsgesetzbuch require an extension of maintaining saved information, data will not be deleted accordingly. However, information will not be forwarded to a third party.

Cookies and Reporting of Usage

This website uses cookies. These are small text files that your browser saves to your device. They will not do any damage but help making my website more userfriendly. Some cookies will stay on your device until you delete them. They help me recognizing your browser the next time you visit my website.

I use so-called session-cookies of VG Wort Munich in order to count the use of texts published on our website. Gathering these data serves to estimate the probability of copying. Session cookies are small units of information that a provider saves to the RAM of visitors’ computers. Session cookies randomly generate a uniquely identifiable identification code called session ID. Moreover, the cookie entails information on its source and the time limit of storage. Session cookies cannot store any other data. INFOnline GmbH processes the measurements by using a scalable central measuring process. This helps determining the probability of copying of individual texts in order to compensate authors and publishers as legally mandated. We do not collect data related to persons by using cookies.

Many of my pages use JavaScript in order to notify the Verwertungsgesellschaft Wort (VG-Wort) that these pages have been used. This procedure enables authors to participate in compensations processed by VG Wort in order to ensure proper payment for using copyright protected material (§ 53 UrhG).

It is possible to use texts published on this website without cookies.

When you do not wish that these cookies penetrate your device configure your browser in such a way that it  keeps you posted on the use of cookies and asks that you permit their usage every time. When the use of cookies is deactivated the functionality of my website may be limited.

The use of scalable central measuring processes

My website and my mobile web service provision uses the scalable central measuring processes by INFOnline in order to determine statistical values that indicate the probability of copying published texts.

Data processing collects data anonymously. It either uses a session cookie or a signature generated automatically from information provided by your browser in order to recognize computer systems. IP addresses are processed anonymously only.

The measuring process has been developed in a manner to respect privacy rights. The sole goal of the process is to determine the probability of copying of texts. Individual users are not identified and their identity remains protected. You will not receive advertisements from this system.

Your rights

Generally, you have rights to request information, corrections, deletion, limitation, data transfer, retraction, and objection. In case you believe that processing your private information violates privacy laws or your other rights you can contact the supervisory officials. In Germany these are the representatives of data protection of the respective state (Land).

You can contact me using the contact form on this website.